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Service Offerings

Bottom Paint (2 coats)


  • Monohulls​

  • Multihulls

Mast inspections with a written report 

-In need of assistance in disposing of gasoline, diesel, oily bilge water, and waste oil - we can quote those services and ensure that you are environmentally compliant. 

Oil analysis and lab results 

Unsure if your bottom paint can be sandblasted? We will have the paint tested. Quote provided upon inquiry. 

Yard equipment is available for specialty jobs:

  • Truck Crane 

  • 50 Ton Crane - Quoted upon inquiry

  • Forklift


*Equipment must be run by our staff and billed additional for their services.

Please reach out to our team for all pricing/rate information. 

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Our certified Mercury technicians are highly trained and dedicated to providing top-notch service for all your marine needs. Trust us to keep your vessel running smoothly so you can enjoy more time on the water worry-free.

Request your service here. 

Mercury Request
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